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Privacy policy revised last on 01-02-2017
We provide complete privacy with all services. We at Dreamlink believe your information should never be an option for making more money or to use for personal gain other then to provide you with our service. To obtain this new level of privacy, we have taken many steps to feel confident in meeting this goal. It is our constant pursuit to ensure that your personal information is utterly private. We have listed some of the techniques necessary to achieve this: we obtain the minimal amount of information needed to start your account with our company. We password protect and encode all credit card information allowing only our billing department and the owners access when needed. Anytime your billing information is accessed our logs keep track of the person accessing it and a note is required by the one processing the request. Billing information is deleted after being confirmed to assure 100% security. We are proud to say in our 19 years we have never had a credit card stolen from our company for fraudulent use. Your personal information used when signing up is also kept 100% confidential. On a personal note it is very unsettling to see businesses selling information for personal profit. We have a strong commitment to keep all of our clients information strictly confidential at all times. At Dreamlink this is a priority and an uncompromising ethic we believe in strongly. You can feel safe that we will keep all of your information secure online and offline.