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A domain name, such as dreamlink.net , signifies your own address on the Internet. Because no two parties can ever hold identical domain names, picking a domain name lets you have a truly unique identifier of you or your company. It is how your site visitors and customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other websites on the Internet. The first step to establishing your web presence is to choose a domain name. Enter your desired domain name in the field below and click Search to see if it's available. You can setup your website hosting account and register your domain name, or register your domain name now and sign up for hosting later. Signup our Dream Hosting plan and you will receive a FREE Domain Name registration for your first year (.COM, .NET, .INFO and .ORG ONLY).
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TLD Price Per Year
.com $ 12.95
.net $ 12.95
.org $ 12.95
.info $ 12.95
.biz $ 12.95
.us $ 12.95
.eu $14.95
.mobi $14.95
.name $14.95

      Included Features
  • Full Domain Control
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Domain registrar Lock
  • ID protect

If you are considering using the Internet and Web for your business, you should register your domain name as soon as possible. Once registered it, you will own the domain name and no one else in the world will be able to get it.

The internet domain name has become a vital part of corporate identity, as important as your trademark and essential in a global marketplace.
If you're paying high prices for domain registration, transfer to Dreamlink and save.
To change your Domain Name Registrar please email us at sales@dreamlink.net

Dreamlink Hosting provides registration services through Onlinenic. Onlinenic is a fully ICANN accredited registrar since 1996 . If you sign up using the form above, your domain will automatically point to Dreamlink DNS. You will own the domain name (administrative contact) and you can change domain information as/when you wish.

2 easy steps to build a website

a) Secure/Register a domain name

A domain name is the address for your website (such as dreamlink.net). It's how your website will be found by your visitors. Once you register a domain name, it can only be used by you (domain name administrator) during the period for which you reserve it (usually a year or more). Domain name registration does not create a website accounts for you (!).
For that, you need a web host (such as dreamlink.Net).

Every website you visit is actually just some files on a computer somewhere. Those computers are usually named "servers" because they serve web pages to internet visitors. Serving web pages is commonly known as web hosting.
Your domain name must be pointed to your web host using a DNS service.

Domain name Registration ---> DNS ---> Dreamlink

Ok , how to point your domain name to Dreamlink ?

 If you want register your domain through us , you do not need to make other changes. We'll automatically apply correct DNS to your domain name and your domain name will start to work with your hosting account in 24 hours or less . If you want register your Domain Name through us simply order now an hosting account and enter your preferred domain name. If your new domain name is not available you'll be invited to enter/search another domain name. 

b) Create, upload and edit your Website !

Ok, now your domain name is pointing our nameservers (DNS) and you can start to use your hosting account . Create a website on your computer (even if you can create professional websites without expensive tools, there are plenty of commercial applications available to make this task easier, such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage ) and then upload it to your Hosting account using an FTP client or our File Manager . 



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