dreamlink web hosting
Dreamlink high end dedicated servers 100% managed
If you need high end solutions for high traffic web sites (i.e. 100GB/month and over) , we offer dedicated , semidedicated , VPS or cloud hosting solutions fully managed with no root access. No linux or linux console experience required. You can manage your dedicated or semidedicated such as a shared hosting account using a cPanel control panel. Our technician will managed your server updating software and hardware when required.

· Fully managed , no root
· No linux experience required

· You can work like in a shared account  w/ cPanel
· Multicore Xeon processor
· min 4 GB RAM·
· min 1000 GB Bandwith
· min 5 ip addresses
· min 100 mpbs uplink

· cPanel control panel
· min 450 GB web space (SSD available on request)
· 100% fully managed
· Centos or Cloudlinux OS
· Softaculous
· ASSP antispam
· clamAV antivirus
· CSF ip firewall
· phpmyadmin, MySQL,php,Python,Ruby

 If you have any pre-sales question please email our sales dept. @ sales@dreamlink.net




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